Gravity Escapement Study for Elizabeth Tower Restoration

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Gravity Escapement Study

Study render of the gravity escapement in the Great Clock at Westminster (colloquially known as Big Ben). In 2017 I was contacted by the British engineering/construction firm Sir Robert McAlpine, who had been awarded the restoration/conservation contract for the Elizabeth Tower and its great clock at the Palace of Westminster. Their request for me was threefold: 1. prepare a 3D CG model of the complete clock mechanism and each of its parts 2. from the 3d model prepare a complete set of working drawings of each component in the clock to be archived as working drawings of record at Westminster 3. prepare an animation of the clock mechanism for public and educational consumption. I was one of three studios short-listed for the CG contract. Discussions, negotiations, and research continued for a year, and while we didn't win the contract, it was nevertheless a great honour to have been considered.